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tPCA Residential Conference 2024

by Kathy Engler
Published on 25 June 2024

As Chair of tPCA trustees I would like to thank everyone who attended this year's tPCA residential conference and those who delivered workshops. 

On behalf of the trustee group (and after the conference discussions I had with members both individually and collectively), I would like to say how much we would welcome debate and contributions from members in whatever form.  At a time of uncertainty for the PCA, it would be great if we could continue the connections and conversations from the conference. It is important to respond in a considered way with calm confidence, to those who misunderstand or look to denigrate our Approach.  Just as importantly we would like to further the strong sense of community we have amongst us - to celebrate the approach, to support you and to start conversations about the Approach and to share what it means to us in all its richness and diversity of practice.  Whether you attended the conference or not it would be great to hear from you.  You can contact us at
We will be looking for volunteers to help with our trainers conference in 2025 and residential conference in 2026 and more details regarding this will follow shortly.  As a trustee group we look forward to facilitating and supporting the work of tPCA and its members in whatever way we can. 
Chair of tPCA trustee group.