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Lead: Pranika Agarwal

Hello and welcome! 

Are you are  a trainee counsellor or psychotherapist?   Are you eager to delve deeper into the Person-Centred Approach?  Then this is a space for you. 

This student group offers a supportive and enriching environment where, as students, we can explore the vast landscape of person-centered approach. It is a space where we can bring our ideas and autonomy to discuss topics of interest in the literature.

Being a part of this student group will enable you to connect with like-minded student members of tPCA. 

The group activities will be co-designed by the members so that we can support each other, share insights and grow together during our transformative learning journey.  

This group meets monthly towards the end of each month

If you would like to join the group please email me at

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Last updated: 05 May 2024

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