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Women Contributors to the PCA

Lead: Miha Momoiu

Irene Fairhurst wrote over 20 years ago in Women Writing in the Person-Centred Approach that although women usually outnumbered men in PC training courses, when it came to literature the opposite was true with most editions of collected writings containing much less material by women. Are women’s voices about the PCA being heard fully today?

The focus of the group is on women who contribute to the PCA – past and present. We want to have discussions about books, articles, chapters and any other piece of work done by PC women.

The purpose is to expand our knowledge about the contributions women make to the PCA, offer a space for rich discussions, inspire other women to write, run workshops and trainings, individually or in collaboration, etc. We believe that all of this could benefit the participants personally, professionally and could ultimately shape the approach.

This is an open and inclusive group. Everyone is welcomed.

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Last updated: 15 February 2023

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