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Alan Bordeville

Therapist in London

  • Specialist in: General, Relationship, Addiction, Trauma, Anxiety, Stress, Depression
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    Dear Friend,

    If you’re fed up with feeling like something in your life isn’t working…

    And you’d like to feel like yourself again…

    This might be the most important listing you’ll ever read.

    Let me ask you a question...

    Are your days filled by constant stress, endless pressures and never ending to-do lists?

    Do you spend a lot of time worrying about what other people think and how to make them happy? 

    Are you running yourself ragged while trying to keep your head above water?

    And even as you try to fall asleep at night…
    • Do you replay everything you could have done differently?
    • Do you think about all the things you HAVE to do tomorrow?
    • Do you question whether all you’re doing is even enough?

    At times, do you feel like you don’t even have control over your own mind?

    When things aren’t working…
    • You feel powerless. 
    • You feel like you don’t have any control over your life. 
    • You feel ‘stuck’ and frustrated.
    • You feel overwhelmed. 
    • You feel like you’re lost.
    And you start thinking that your needs aren’t important.

    It’s exhausting... Isn’t it?

    How did your life turn out like this?

    Now, if that sounds like you…

    I’ve got some good news.

    I Can Help

    Hi, I’m Alan by the way…

    I wanted to introduce myself in a way that shows I'm witty, charming and clever. Alas, I wrote this listing instead.

    And I help people just like you every day:
    • People who know something in their lives isn’t right. 
    • People who feel like they’re on the edge.
    • People who believe their lives are out of control.
    I would love to help you too.

    I’ll help you feel like yourself again.

    Here’s how:

    We'll use a simple 3 step process.

    I call it The Bordeville Method (what else?).


    First, I’ll give you practical tools that you can use RIGHT AWAY to reduce the pain, anxiety, stress and worry you're feeling.

    Making small tweaks and doing something for yourself every day is the most important thing...

    Because you’re worth it!


    The bad news is that if you feel like something isn’t working in your life, this is usually the symptom of a much larger problem that’s a bit harder to see.

    After all, there’s a reason you feel the way you do…

    And the only way to let go of this feeling is to figure out what’s causing it in the first place.

    Once you do… you can address the problem and resolve your feelings.

    This is where most of the therapy happens.

    Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone...

    We’ll do it together!


    The truth is…

    You can’t expect to do the same things and get a different outcome.

    If you want long lasting results, you need to create new habits.

    Making positive changes in your life is rewarding but challenging.

    Sticking with new habits takes time and persistence.

    But don’t worry…

    I’ll help you create new habits that ‘stick’.

    You’ve got this!

    Who This Is For
    • Do you feel like something in your life just isn’t working?
    • Do you want to let go of pain, anxiety, stress and worry? 
    • Do you want to make a change? 
    If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above questions…

    I can help you, so click the 'Email Alan Bordeville' button and get in touch.

    I only have 2 spots open at the moment, so make sure you get in touch before they’re gone.

    Now I fully appreciate that you're probably somewhat sceptical...

    And I don’t expect you to blindly take my word.


    So instead…

    Here's What Others Are Saying

    "I get up everyday because of his [Alan's] weekly session of work with me." - Audrey

    "His supportive, understanding and non judgemental nature provided huge support." - C.P.

    "Alan helped me to find my confidence and self esteem..." - Simona

    "Alan's relaxed attitude helped sometimes even laugh at the difficult moments..." - Vytas

    "Alan was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him." - Charlie

    "Alan is exceptional... I couldn't have asked for a better counselor" - Andrea

    "Alan helped me both develop a much better understanding of myself and implement practical strategies..." - Jamie

    "Alan was able to guide me through my thoughts with the right balance of involvement." - Carl

    "Alan's sessions have been extremely helpful in guiding me and giving me a sense of peace." - Ayesha

    In short…

    This stuff works.

    Therapy has worked for countless others and it’ll work for you too!

    Why You Need To Take Action Now

    Look, here's the deal...

    If you don’t take action, nothing will change.

    Pain, anxiety, stress and worry thrive on inaction and procrastination.

    Those feelings WON’T magically go away on their own.

    In fact…

    The longer you wait, the worse they'll get.

    So take the first step to feeling like yourself again.

    Here's What You Need To Do Next

    Click the 'Email Alan Bordeville' button
    and get in touch.

    I only have 2 spots open at the moment, so make sure you get in touch before they’re gone.

    Speak soon,

    Alan Bordeville

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