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Alison Drury

in Warwick

Online Offered
  • Person-Centred supervisor
  • Supervision cost
    £65 per hour (student reduced rate available)

I am a qualified person-centered therapist and supervisor.  I can offer daytime, evening or Saturday morning supervision online or potentially face to face in my local area within Warwickshire.  I also offer facilitation for peer groups for qualified or student counsellors.   

How I work 

You can expect me to offer you the core conditions as your supervisor - to collaborate with you in a non judgmental and supportive way so that you feel comfortable to bring the difficult or uncomfortable issues you may face, for us to look at together.  We will also take care to celebrate you and the work you do to support your development and self care.  

My love and respect for the person centred approach will also manifest as your supervisor in:

  • Exploring your client work using person centred theory to help you clarify your therapeutic purpose and the relational work you are doing  
  • A commitment to anti oppressive practice.  We and our clients operate within the forces of wider society - political, social and economic and we must respond to this in terms of developing our own reflective practice and using it as the lens through which we explore our clients' world with them.  
  • As part of the above, a commitment to a non-pathologising approach to human distress which invites us to see our clients as human beings for whom the direction and guidance they need can be found within themselves - given the core conditions that help them to flourish from within . 

My first session

In a first supervisory session I would explore with you whether we both feel that I would be the right supervisor for you. I have a number of questions I ask for us to consider together. I am very open to your questions, concerns and any other information about yourself and your practice you think would be helpful for us to discuss. This session is free of charge and would last 45 minutes.

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