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Chip Ponsford

Counsellor/Psychotherapist in Hexham
Hexham· Northumberland· NE46

  • Person-Centred counsellor/therapist
  • Duration
    Normally 60 minutes but very open to different length sessions
  • Individual cost
    £35 per session

The counselling & psychotherapy I offer can help in the following ways:

• I recognise you as the expert on your own life
• We work at your pace
• We explore your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, feelings, relationships and behaviour
• We explore together – I work to earn the trust to be your companion in this exploration
• I will be real and open with you
• I trust your potential to grow in your own way towards the life you want

  • Areas of practice

    I have worked with a broad range of areas of practice including long-term mental distress, men who have committed serious offences, men in general and with a community counselling agency with people concerned about serious physical illness, long-term depression, relationship issues, anger issues, trauma and more. I find each individual brings unique concerns even if there are common names for types of experience or concerns.

  • Special areas

    Trauma including childhood sexual abuse. I have extra training and experience in working outdoors either in a walk-and-talk or woodland setting. Please do phone me for further information. I have particular experience of and interest in working with men.

  • Accessibility Comments

    My usual place of work is not wheelchair accessible but please let me know if you need wheelchair access and I will arrange to work with you in an accessible building.

  • Code of ethics

    I work within the BACP ethical framework

  • Qualifications

    Diploma in Person-Centred Therapeutic Counselling

  • Place of study
    The City Lit, London
  • Language(s)
  • Fees statement
    My rate is £35 per session but I do have some cheaper sessions available during the day

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