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Janet Tolan

Private Practitioner in Manchester
Manchester· M1 2JW

  • Person-Centred counsellor/therapist
  • Person-Centred trainer
  • Person-Centred supervisor
  • Duration
    50 minutes individuals, couples by arrangement

  • Areas of practice

    Individuals, couples, families and groups.

  • Accessibility Comments

    There is a lift but also 5 narrow stairs in the corridor.

  • Professional accreditation

    BACP Fellow and Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist. (BACP Registered # 013669 - Checked by BAPCA Nov 2015)

  • Code of ethics


  • Qualifications

    Counselling Diploma from Manchester Polytechnic 1982-1984, Supervision training with Brigid Proctor and Francesca Inskipp 1989. Various short courses, workshops etc. including Certificate in Dramatherapy.

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