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Eddie McKnight

counsellor & psychotherapist in Wolverhampton
Wolverhampton· West Midlands· WV6 7JJ

  • Specialist in: General, Bereavement, Family, Relationship, Addiction, Trauma, Abuse, Young People, Anxiety, Stress, Other, Depression, Vulnerable housed/homeless, Domestic abuse, Sexual abuse
  • Person-Centred counsellor/therapist
  • Duration
    up to 60 mins
  • Individual cost
    range of £20 to £55 per session

Hi, I am an accredited counsellor (MNCPS) in the UK with 4 years of professional work experience and in recent times have supported a local charity. This involved helping military veterans, vulnerable adults, and ex-offenders as clients. I have also worked, over two years, as a crisis volunteer on the “Shout” platform (Mental Health Innovations). Overall, therefore, I have substantial experience of supporting people in crisis with an immediate need for practical assistance.  This included, for example, working in the moment with those who are suffering from the continued intrusion of past traumas, stress, anxiety, depression, and abuse.  I now work as a freelance practitioner.

I also bring over 20 years of experience in facilitating change in organisations as a Management Development and training facilitator.  Having left school at age 15 with no qualifications I fully understand how best to support and encourage people who struggle with lack of confidence and self belief.  

I am here for you, will really listen and do my best to be there in your reality in a way that best suits what you need.

  • Areas of practice
    My ongoing professional interests include the Person-Centred modality as a member of the Person-Centred Association (PCA) and trauma therapy. Given my military background, family history and challenging lived experiences, I am particularly drawn to trauma therapy and recovery from adverse childhood experiences (ACE). As a member of the Complex Trauma Institute (CTI) I benefit as a person-centred practitioner from taking part in their action learning events, reviewing research findings and taking part in CPD events. In this way I am able keep up to date with developments in the field that will be useful to my clients.
    I have been happily involved in the “people business” for many years and work hard to be there in my client’s reality, fully listening to them whilst being truly non-judgmental. I firmly believe that given the right conditions and encouragement people can move forward in their lives. To be heard, understood, and believed is something that as humans we all need. 
    I am here for you and will really listen and be there in your reality in a way that best suits what you need. 
  • Special areas

    I have experience of suicide prevention, trauma recovery and healing.  I also provide support through the Ben Raemer Foundation, having completed their specialist counsellor training.

  • Accessibility Comments

    I work remotely (phone, video & text messaging)

  • Professional accreditation

    I am an accredited member of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society.  MEMBERSHIP NO: NCS22-00549.  Renewed on 21st February 2024.


  • Code of ethics

    I am bound by the National Counselling & Psychotherapy code and the requirements of my professional indemnity insurance as well as the requirements of my enhanced DBS.

  • Qualifications

    L6 Post Graduate Cert in Counselling and Psychotherapy (Keele University)* - 75 CATS (2022)
    L6 Post Graduate Cert in Counselling (Keele University) - 60 CATS (2019)
    L3 NVQ Counselling Skills (ABC Awards) - 2018
    *Exit point from L7 MSc (Counselling & Psychotherapy) programme
    Mental Health Innovations (MHI) "Shout" crisis volunteer graduate (2020)

    Older relevant qualifications:

    HNC Business Studies with industrial Psychology
    OU Social Sciences (Foundation)
    Investors in People Adviser/Assessor (competence based)

    Institute of Personnel Management Corporate member

  • Place of study
    Keele University
  • Fees statement
    Military Veterans & NHS staff will qualify for reduced rates and a free initial exploratory discussion to check out if what I have to offer is appropriate for their needs.

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