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Helen Storey

Person-Centred Counsellor in Forest Hill
Forest Hill· London· SE23 2SS

  • Person-Centred counsellor/therapist
  • Person-Centred trainer
  • Person-Centred supervisor
  • Duration
    50 mins for individuals. Couples: 1 hour
  • Individual cost
  • Supervision cost
    £70 per hour.

  • Areas of practice

    Person Centred Counselling, both short and long term for individuals and couples Person Centred Supervision.

  • Special areas

    I have experience with working with life- threatening illness, bereavement, mental health problems, and with adult survivors of sexual abuse.

  • Accessibility Comments

    One step to front door

  • Professional accreditation

    UKCP registered psychotherapist

  • Code of ethics

    UKCP Code of Ethics
    Metanoia code of ethics

  • Qualifications

    MSc Person-Centred Psychotherapy, Metanoia Institute. Diploma in Person Centred Counselling at Metanoia Institute. Postgraduate Certificate in Person Centred Supervision, Metanoia Institute. 

  • Place of study
    Metanoia Institute, London
  • Language(s)

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