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Liz Annable

Counsellor, Supervisor, Facilitator in Sheffield
Sheffield· South Yorkshire

  • Person-Centred counsellor/therapist
  • Person-Centred supervisor
  • Individual cost
  • Supervision cost

  • Areas of practice

    I am a person centred counsellor and supervisor primarily working with individuals.

    I deeply value creative expression in its many forms and have a similar connection to being outdoors.

    We can look at ways of accessing these.

    Online video connections are also available.

  • Special areas

    Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purpose workshops are regular events both online and in person at various locations.
    Please see website below.

  • Professional accreditation

    I am BACP Accredited.

  • Code of ethics


  • Qualifications

    Certificate and Diploma in Person Centred Counselling (2002-2005)
    BACP Accreditation (2008)
    Post-grad Certificate in Person Centred Supervision (2010)
    BSc in Reflective Therapeutic Practice (2012)
    Certificate in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purpose (2021)

  • Place of study
    Manchester PCCS, The Norwich Centre, Metanoia London,
  • Language(s)
    English (1st language), Dutch (2nd language)
  • Fees statement
    Limited concessions available

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