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LJ Potter

Psychotherapist in Online

Online Offered
  • Person-Centred counsellor/therapist
  • Person-Centred trainer
  • Duration
    50 minutes
  • Individual cost
    40-50 (concessions available for certain situations)

  • Areas of practice

    I work online. I have a special interest in working in a non-pathologising way. Many of my clients are neurodivergent in some way. Mostly, I aim to offer a safer, non-judgemental space that gives you space to talk about whatever it is you need to bring.

  • Special areas

    I have a specialist interest in gender and sexual diversity and have both had, and give training on this regularly.. You may not wish to talk about this in counselling, and I understand that completely. My specialist interest means that I have a good working knowledge of the topics below and although I make no assumptions about how any of those labels might be applied to you specifically (or whether you apply any labels at all), you can be assured that I have experience across a range of relationship styles, sexualities and genders

    • Lesbian
    • Gay
    • Bisexual
    • Pansexual
    • Queer
    • Trans man or trans woman
    • Non-binary
    • Kink or BDSM-identified
    • Consensually non-monogamous (including swinging, polyamorous relationships, relationship anarchy and more)
    • Intersex
    • Asexual
  • Accessibility Comments

    I work online 

  • Professional accreditation

    I am a member of NCS

  • Code of ethics

    I use NCS's code of ethics as my guiding principles.

  • Qualifications

    Pg.Dip Person-centered psychotherapy and counselling

  • Place of study
    Sherwood Psychotherapy Institute
  • Fees statement
    I charge on a sliding scale of £40-50 depending on income. On top of this I also hold a low-cost place for people on a low income, and I also give reductions for counselling trainees. I also have a 'pay it forward' scheme running, that lets paying clients pay a little extra to go towards providing extra low cost places for people less able to afford counselling.

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