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Steve Cox Counsellor / supervisor

Counsellor/supervisor in Eastleigh
Eastleigh· Hampshire· SO53 5RG

  • Person-Centred counsellor/therapist
  • Person-Centred trainer
  • Person-Centred supervisor
  • Duration
    1 hour
  • Individual cost
  • Group costs
    Varies according to size of group
  • Supervision cost
    £75 (1.5 hrs)

The main aim of my practice is to allow people to be and become themselves, to enhance their self-acceptance and awareness and harmonise the relationship between themselves and the world. By engaging in a process where empathy, understanding, valuing and authenticity are experienced at high levels, positive transformation tends to take place. Ordinarily this sort of interactivity is rare in people’s lives, yet when a client and skilled therapist work together with focussed attention, life-changing possibilities emerge. Increasingly in my own practice I like to think of myself as ‘people-centred’ because none of us live in isolation (even if we are lonely). I embrace the idea that, as people, we are always belonging to something more than just ourselves, we are never just an individual. Indeed, the process of therapy is not simply a matter of therapist-offered conditions, but one of connection – the client with the therapist creates the therapy interactively and each bring their worlds with them.

  • Areas of practice

    I work with all aspects of psychotherapeutic distress with people from ten years old upwards. I also work with couples and groups.

  • Special areas

    Bereavement, mental health and drugs and alcohol.

  • Accessibility Comments

    Unfortunately both of the places that I work from have stairs that make the venues inaccessible to wheelchair users or people that find stairs a physical problem. I apologise for these limitations.

  • Further info
    Currently studying for a doctorate at Metanoia
  • Professional accreditation

    Registered and senior accredited member of the BACP UKCP registered psychotherapist

  • Code of ethics


  • Qualifications

    2006 –2010 Master of Science Degree: Person-Centred Psychotherapy & Wider Applications University of Middlesex (seen by BAPCA July 2015) 2006- 2009 Diploma: Person-Centred Psychotherapy Metanoia Institute (seen by BAPCA July 2015) 2000-2001 Diploma: Counselling Supervision Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body. (seen by BAPCA July 2015) 2000 -2001 Diploma: Case Work Supervision, Awarding Body Consortium (seen by BAPCA July 2015) 1993-1995 Advanced Diploma: Person-Centred Counselling Southampton City College (Seen by BAPCA)

  • Place of study
    Metanoia Institute
  • Language(s)
  • Fees statement
    No one is refused counselling because they cannot afford it. In order to sustain such a policy I charge more for those who are wealthy. Higher and lower fees are subject to negotiation.

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